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ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Security - your security

Was founded by an Army veteran in 2010 with one goal in mind... "Security".

It was his passion for all aspects of security whether it be IT Security, Physical Security, Personal Security and so on that led him to start this company to share his knowledge and experience with others.


Why do You need ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Security?

~Today's world is becoming a scary place~

Any time you open social media, turn on the T.V. or radio, all you hear is the latest crime that has taken place. From Shootings and stabbings, muggings and car jackings to cyber crime and data breaches, you always hear the stories of the victims families asking;

"What could have been done to prevent this?" 

Our goal is to give you the proper training, consultation or service so hopefully your family will never have to ask that question.

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